Last weekend I picked up National Geographic’s 100 Best Pictures: Collector’s Edition Volume 1. On the cover is that well recognized picture of the young Afghan girl with the piercing green eyes. To this day that image still compels me in a way that leaves me feeling slightly…uncomfortable… Hard to describe but it’s all in the eyes, that vulnerable defiance.

As a kid, I would spend a large portion of my library time in grade school going through old issues of National Geographic. Page after delicious page was a story played out in lush imagery. In one issue I could travel the globe from my desk and I promised myself that when I grew up I was going to see these things with my own eyes. NG played a huge part in giving me the travel and photography bug and now that I am older I’ve started my own globetrekking. If I could have one ounce of the creativity their staff writers and photogs possess… Being one of those lucky individuals is still my dream job. :)

See what I’m talking about and pick up the issue and also check out NG’s Photography page. Photo news, galleries, wallpapers, gear help and of course images you won’t soon forget.