I was in line at Popeyes today to pick up chicken for my dad when the guy after me in line says “I’ll take the Managers Special but can you cook it twice for me?”
The heck? Never heard of that one. Perhaps it’s not oily enough fried only one time. :/

Time to make some changes. Well, it’s been time for a while now as everyone and their momma knows. Mich and Kev will be happy to hear that the job search has earnestly begun. Finally hit the wall this week. It’s going to take a long while to land another job but at least it’s a start. Like I told her, jobhunting sucks but working at S*** L** sucks even more. I will gladly give up my 40% discount on Coach handbags if I could have a happy workplace. Also on the to-do list: checking out schools. Another degree? That option doesn’t sound so out of reach anymore. Hehe wish me luck – maybe one of these days I’ll figure out what to do with my life…

Countdown to Pepito’s return: 7 LONG days. :(