-Faced with a munchie dilemma at work, I made my way to the cafeteria vending machine. Cheetos or chips, hmmmm. Then I spot this:

Blair’s Death Rain XXX Hot Habanero Kettle Cooked Potato Chips.
MY GOD THESE CHIPS ARE HOT. I love hot foods but from the first chip my upper lip in was a sweat. Definitely beats Kruncher’s Jalapeno Chips in the heat race.

-Hersch, author of one of my fave blogs, All Things Chill gives the heads up on the $10 Holiday Sale going on at Threadless. Yay cool (and CHEAP)
t-shirts! Make your picks soon before they sell out. Me likes this design, Release by Dan Gilbert:

– And I picked this up over the weekend:

Bobbi Brown’s limited edition Tube Tints. Makes a sweet little Christmas present for any girlie in your life. These shades work on anyone and don’t worry guys, you can just pick them up and check out, no confrontations with make-up ladies at the cosmetics counter. :)


(Not-so) hellish work update. Sooo if I talked you over the weekend, you’ll remember how I shot up out of my sleep Saturday after remembering that I totally forgot to send a mucho importante package for work. Almost ruined the weekend because I was so damn worried about what the boss would say. Even the soju enhanced karaoke fest for The Wongers and Kaizen’s birthday couldn’t make me forget I dropped the ball on this one. I was bracing myself for verbal ass kicking today but…she actually took it quite well. *Phew.* Crisis averted…for now at least.