Busy busy – I can’t believe it’s almost November! Didn’t summer end a second ago? Autumn is firmly in place now and this weekend, me and the groupies took advantage of it.

Friday: Robie House Secrets and Shadows tour. The Robie House is a great example of Frank Lloyd Wright’s architecture and with Halloween coming up they’re giving tours at night. Kinda gives the house a spookier feel and you get the usual stories about previous residents. You also get to see the servant’s quarters which usually isn’t included in the daytime tours and some snacks at the end but the $16 price tag is a little steep in my opinion. After, dinner at Medici’s and watching bootleg 40 Year Old Virgin at Rocky’s (btw, what was up with the neighbor?). Frickin’ hilarious movie made even funnier with the occasional random head bobbing up.

Saturday: Back to the alma mater for some Homecoming fun. U of I vs. Penn State. Dude we got CREAMED. It was god-awful to watch. Not kidding. We left after halftime when the score was 56-3!!! No joke. The final score was a pitiful 6063-10 and I think that last touchdown was a mercy touchdown. Mich and Xin can attest to the radio announcer saying “Even the victors want to finish up and go home already”. Ouch.

U of I’s so different! So much has changed in 4 years…Digital schedules on the bus stops. Timers at street intersections. Potbelly’s, Starbucks, and more chains on Green Street. No Asiana! Revamped bowling area at the Union which now includes a lounge with friggin’ DDR. Pool Hall is now a Relaxation Room where students can stop in for massages. What the? And all these new buildings…the list goes on and on…I’m all for progress but I miss Record Town, that poster store on Green St and some of my other old hangouts. Good trip overall though, and I had the much craved for dumpling soup waiting for me at Seven Treasures when we got back.

Sunday: Daylong roadtrip to Greencastle to bring the sister back to school. Blah. So yes, I’m pooped out right now – I think it’s time to turn in. Hope y’all had a good weekend!