The Pilobolus Dance Theater can be described as modern and unconventional but if nothing else it is a testament to the strength of the human body. The way these guys move reminded me of hot melted glass – deceptively fluid and soft but in actuality every movement was controlled and deliberate. They are in amazing shape to make these twisted maneuvers look effortless. At one point the dancers were pretty scantily clad (think thongs for the guys and butt baring leotards for the girls) but not one of them showed any signs of jiggle. I think I have more fat in my elbow than they have in their entire bodies! Good news – you still have a chance to check ’em out. Bad news – they’re only in town for 1 more night. So if you’re looking for some dance fun, head on over to the Chicago Theater Saturday night and take a closer look at this innovative dance company. (Edit: Thanks for the b-day gift M!)