Brrrr! It’s getting too cold for my liking. Doesn’t help that the heat at my place is not working. It was a toasty 64 degrees on Saturday in the house but we had the doors open to let heat in since it was warmer outside. Thank God for space heaters.

To make ourselves feel better, my dad made…guinataan. Guina-ta-what you ask? It’s this Filipino dessert that is definitely not for the carb conscious. It’s got sweet potatoes, taro, plantains, and jackfruit all cooked in coconut milk. Everyone’s got their own variation on the recipe and it can include sticky rice balls or tapioca balls among other things. My dad added anise seeds to the batch he made for a fragrant touch. It may not look too good in the pic, but it’s worth a try. More info here.

Other weekend highlights: trying out Rioja in Andersonville with the girls (I found it to be pretty good despite the reviews) and playing with my new buddy J, at the hospital. J was too cute for words! He was a tubby little 4 year old with wide saucer eyes, plump cheeks and pigtail braids. Best thing was, he wore a t-shirt that fit snugly over his big ole belly that read “Property of Hershey Pennsylvania” with a smiley faced Hershey’s Kiss on it. He was pretty good playing with the X-Box too – I was so surprised! I mean he can’t even read but here he is, putting me to shame because my video game skills pretty much ended with Nintendo waaaay back in the day. Those kids are always surprising me.