I always have a camera on me. Always.

It’s just that I’m a big believer in capturing moments that you most likely will not experience in that same way ever again. Now I’m not talking about significant life events like weddings, births, etc. I’m talking about the extraordinary everyday moments that often get lost in the daily shuffle. Those moments that make you see the world differently even if just for a second. And although I always have my camera on me, the best images are often the ones I miss. This is what the site, Unphotographable is all about.

Here’s my Unphotographable account from the rainsoaked morning:

-A lonely old man, sitting on a crate, barely seen because of the fog, who everyday hangs his head low and never looks up to sell his pile of newspapers.

-A cemetery in the neighborhood looking eerily still in the morning haze.

-A little girl in bright pink raincoat and matching boots exasperating her mother by jumping in every puddle she saw.

-An older Eastern European woman waiting for the bus with a telling look in her eye and deep lines on her face that make me think she’s had a hard life.

-The car that spun out after a bad crash from the street and into my frontyard, narrowly missing my house.