Watched LOTR: The Two Towers again on the WB tonight. God, I love that whole series. Always loved the whole good-versus-evil-with-special-powers-thrown-in story line.
The countdown now begins for The Chronicles of Narnia and HP: The Goblet of Fire. Yes!

Another beautiful weekend out. Could it have been any more perfect? Gotta enjoy these days before the cold weather creeps up again.

Saturday, per M’s request: POWERSHOPPING. We hit Michigan Ave, Halsted & Armitage, and Old Orchard in the span of 7-8 hours. The Doctor just could not understand how girls can shop for that long. Fellas, let me tell ya, girls can shop for much longer if need be. Also tried Ethel’s Chocolate Lounge. Total girly interior – pink EVERYWHERE. Topped off the night with a bowl of Josh’s famous chili and later revisited the Hopleaf.

Sunday: neighborhood strolls. First stopped off at Lincoln Square. The sun was shining and the air smelled delicious… With so many restaurants in the area, the perfect steak was getting grilled somewhere. I picked up an iced latte at The Daily Grind and made my way through the tiny shops, walking to the beat of the music pouring put of the Old Town School of Folk Music. Spotted a “Polka Party!” album in the window of a music shop. People were just lazing about, leisurely eating their meals or reading books in cafes and outdoor patios.

Next stop: Andersonville. A bit busier but the same vibe as Lincoln Square. Was a total klutz at the ATM kiosk. Don’t ask. Did the whole shop-walk / people watch thing again.

And lastly: Argyle. Had to pick up a roast duck from Sun Wah for my dad. It’s his absolute favorite. It’s good but too fatty to have on any regular basis. This time, drumbeats and cymbal clashes filled the air as a Chinese dragon formation took to the sidewalks. I wonder if this had anything to do with the Autumn Moon Festival this weekend…

But anyhoo, that’s it in a looong nutshell.
Back to reality tomorrow… (sigh)…:/