Renee and Kenny are over too?


My stomach is all in knots right now. I’ve got this anxious feeling like something is going to happen. For no reason either – I hate that. I used to get this feeling a lot back when I was in school.

Two things that provoked the stomach turning:

-My ChE mass transfer exams – so frustrating because it seemed so easy for everyone else but my mind failed to absorb a thing. All the discussion sections competed against each other for the highest average and despite my section having the all star students, I had this sneaking suspicion I was dragging down the average. I could swear my TA shot me these “You are pitfully stupid” looks whenever he passed back the exams.

-Lab classes freshman year – there was a scary ass man that worked in the lab who handed out supplies at the beginning of every class. He had long, greasy hair, thick glasses, and wore a pendant that reminded me of satanic worship. Grumpy as heck too. One day a student stored this one piece of glassware wrong and this guy storms into the lab and screams “WHO PUT THIS COLUMN DOWN!! WHEN I FIND OUT WHO DID THIS…!!!” His screaming lasted a good five minutes and of course no one came forward. The room was completely silent. The guy across from me mouthed “Holy Shit” and the TA’s didn’t move either. Us poor freshman we so friggin’ scared…who in their right mind would come forward after that? Pissed him off even more.

I wonder what’s causing the dread tonite?