A week ago the sis bought a betta fish. At first Joli (French for “pretty”) unassumingly swam around his little fish bowl delighting us with how pretty his turquoise fins looked moving through the water.

However, in the week since Joli and the sis packed up for Greencastle, Joli has turned into a crazy lil fugger.

A couple facts: bettas are colorful fish and male bettas don’t like other male bettas. So whenever the sis wears a bright shirt, Joli thinks bright shirt=male betta and becomes extremely irritable. He then proceeds to puff out his gills to show his dislike of the sis’s wardrobe choice and acts moody. This in turn gets the sister mad because she does not tolerate his disobedience. She then provokes him by flashing colorful rings in his sight. Thus begins the psychological games between the sis and little Joli.

Also last week, Joli started blowing bubbles. Not just one here, another there, but A LOT. Enough that they started accumulating at the top of the bowl. She comes to find out that Joli is ready to “spawn”. Yuck. Something about the word spawn makes me think Joli is ready to expel little demon fishies from his own belly. At the rate Joli is going, that may be a possibility.