So how was your Labor Day? I must say, three day weekends should be mandatory. And what did I do today? Abso-friggin’-lutely NOTHING. And it felt greeeaaat!

The past couple weeks have been so hectic, I took an involuntary hiatus from all extracurriculars – not one picture snapped! I think I’m going through withdrawal…Had a bit of the blues last week too but all it takes is a visit from the sister and one great night out with the crew to put a cheesy smile back on my face. So great reconnecting with old faces Friday at Bandera and the birthday bash on Saturday for my two girlies Samantha, Michelle and myself was one of the best ever. Bistro Margot gets a thumbs up from me and hearing Poison from Bell, Biv, DeVoe at the Hange Uppe put the icing on the cake. I do love my 90’s R &B! Yeah! Although…that last jager bomb was the beginning of the end… 

Today was quiet in comparison. Woke up, had a run, ate, watched tv. Went grocery shopping (this is actually a source of excitement for me since I love mulling over ingredients) and fixed dinner. Sounds pretty boring but having the time to do the above is a real rarity with my dumb work schedule. Finished off the night with a stack of magazines, a drumstick ice-cream cone and more tv. Soon I will fall asleep to the sounds of the occasional car passing by and the neighbor’s wind chimes coming through my window.

I love quiet summer nights.

Hope you had a good one.