This weekend: FOOD!
A very hectic few days (more to follow later). But I am so very full that this is all I can think about right now. Very grateful for all the birthday spoils. It’s good to live in Chicago. :)

Lunch: Los Arcos – Pork and Tongue Tacos
Afternoon: DQ Ice Cream Cake
Dinner: Lula’s Café – Artisanal Pasta and Zucchini Cake w/ Honey Ice Cream

Lunch: Bittersweet – Gazpacho and a Grilled Turkey Sandwich with Havarti. Sampled some of Felice’s Potato Watercress Soup and Egg Salad Sandwich. Walked away from the bakery section with hazelnut ball cookies, cute iced sugar cookies and some cinnamon cookies with a fancy schmancy name.
Dinner: La Bocca Della Verita – Calamari followed by Spinach Ravioli. Drinks at the Hopleaf after.

Lunch: Golden River – Lo Mein and Crab Rangoon
Dinner: Café Laguardia – Marinated Steak between Two Pieces of Fried Plantains

Lunch – Long John Silvers – Chicken Planks with Hush Puppies
Dinner – Wendy’s – Mediterranean Chicken Salad

Good God, I gotta hit the treadmill harder this week.