I have to be at work tomorrow at friggin’ FOUR in the MORNING!!! We’re running another test in the plant for a new product and OF COURSE they would do it before the rest of the world is awake. Argh…well actually they said they would be ready to mix at four which means I have to be there 3:30 which means I have to wake up 2:30 which means I should really be sleeping now. Who sleeps at 7:30 at night? This job is sucking the life out of me…

Anyways…I was going to write a post on whatever happened to Bran Van 3000? I love Glee, it still sounds so completely original and different from all the stuff that’s out there now even though the album was released in ’98. Definitely worth checking out. But upon checking their website I find that they are soon releasing their THIRD album. Third? When did the second come out and where can I find it??? I’ve been waiting for something, anything new from them and to find out that I have 2 albums to hunt for! That’s cool beans, yo… If anyone has heard Discosis let me know how it is!