I’ve come to find out that this guy at work who I have been calling Robert, is not really a Robert.

His name is George.

I have been calling him Robert for three years! But that’s what everyone told me his name was! Almost everyday I would say “Good morning Robert” or “See you tomorrow Robert” and he never corrected me. The funny thing is, everyone called him Robert and we all came to find out last week that we were all wrong. Funniest quote from Patricia: “Little momma, I’ve been calling him Robert for 13 YEARS! Why didn’t that man ever tell me his real name?”

I guess you have to understand Robert, er…George. He is a man of very few words. I haven’t ever really heard him speak more than five words at a time and when he actually said hi back to me one day, I was thinking “Omg! He actually spoke to me! So that’s what his voice sounds like…” He always plays it cool so I guess a little thing like being called by the wrong name for years doesn’t bother him. Still I can’t help but feel like a dang fool…