Today I accidentally touched my boss’s boss’s (I know grammatically incorrect) behind. Not in an entirely creepy way…totally by accident I swear! Well I guess whenever anyone touches your behind how can it not be a little bit creepy? But anyways that was not my intention! I needed something in the bottom cabinet next to the person in question. He was about to pour a sample into a jar when it starts to wobble like it was going to fall. Me, not balanced in a semi-squatting position so that I could get to the bottom cabinet, put out my hand to try to stop the jar from falling. Only thing is I kinda fell off kilter and my hand went…elsewhere… Inwardly I’m thinking “OMG…did that just happen? Crap!” and all I could say was “Ummm…sorry…” and I quickly got out of there. How fitting tomorrow I have to go to a corporate seminar on harrassment. What a day.