Do you ever hear a certain song that triggers your memory so clearly that you remember every detail of a particular situation like it was yesterday?

Happens to me all the time. Songs are actually how I tell time.

Like whenever I hear Torn from Natalie Imbruglia I remember spring semester my freshman year in college when me and Karen S. were chillin’ in my room on a lazy Friday watching videos. All of a sudden she pops up and remembers she has to drop off a paper like RIGHT NOW to make a deadline. We jumped up and made a mad dash from FAR to the Quad, running like hell so she could make it. We must have looked like mad women but it was oh so fun and spontaneous at the same time.

I can’t stand listening to Bruce Springsteen to this day because in the summer after my sophomore year, I worked side by side with my dad’s boss who would play Springsteen’s greatest hits CD hour after frickin’ hour for days on end. Now you know why I say “Turn that crap off!” when I hear the first few notes of Born in the USA. When he wasn’t listening to Springsteen, it was 93.9 Lite FM and In the Arms of an Angel was played every single hour I swear. To this day, when I hear the first few piano chords I immediately feel ice cold because my dad’s boss kept the room practically freezing to keep the computers functioning “correctly”.

When Mich and I went to San Fran, Pharrell’s Frontin’ was the signature song. We heard it all the time! Everytime the radio was turned on it was Pharrell! Great song though, totally fit the Cali mood and when I hear it now I recall driving by the coastline on a sunny day watching the waves of the Pacific Ocean crash on the beach. Always brings a smile to my face.

Good times…(well except for Springsteen of course). So many more that come to mind but I’ll spare you the pages I could write from my endless memory. What are your signature songs?