Fourth of July Weekend! As I write this fireworks are going off intermittently in anticipation for the big day on Monday. Strange to think that it was only a week ago that I came back from Mexico extremely brown and brimming with stories. I miss it already. For a week I was surrounded by beautiful clear water, lush trees and flora, with no cares in the world. The itinerary: Monday – Chichen-itza, Tuesday – horseback riding through the jungle, Wednesday – Xcaret, Thursday – Coba and a Mayan Village, then Friday – a day at the beach. So happy ’cause this time around I brough an extra flash card, extra camera battery and a journal. Tip for newbie travelers: bring the above three items. You will sorely regret it later if you don’t.

I know I will go back one day.

Pretty Eyes

In Her Own Little World

Clear Waters


On another note…I am now I proud car owner!!! Yes I FINALLY bought me a car. And I LOVE it! Most people have buyers remorse once they bite the bullet and buy the hunk of metal but I’ve been wanting this for a while and it’s everything I hoped it would be. And yeah, it’s a girly car, a 2005 Rav 4, but I don’t care and don’t want to hear anything from any haters out there. If you happen to be in the market for a Rav4, you may want to wait for the 2007 model. I hear it’s supposed to be bigger, have an extra row of seats, be a V6, and may be a hybrid version. Damn I really wanted a hybrid too. Oh well I love my car anyways!