Finally got some long awaited storms tonite. I love rain. I love waking up to it, sleeping to the sound of it, lifting my face upward to meet it. I especially love the smell of the earth and air after a good soaking. Since it’s springtime here in Chicago, the air is sweet with the new flowers blooming and freshly cut lawns. I took an extra moment to stand outside and watch the sky turn pink as the sun was setting.

Time, time, time. It felt nice to actually have the time to do that. Last week was fun, everyday was an adventure going to Milwaukee for a Cubs game, the Weezer concert the next day, Rocky’s graduation Friday, volunteering at the hospital and meeting up with an old friend Saturday, and finally Mother’s Day Sunday. But good Lord I was beat! I still am beat! It’s time to slow it down…

So now I am listening to “summertime” on the media player. A nice slow saucy version that makes me recall hot humid nights spent overlooking some dark moving body of water under a full moon. Whether or not this really happened I can’t say for sure but that’s what I’m feeling. The rain has slowed and now the only evidence of its presence is the searing sounds of tires passing by and a drip from the gutter.