You’re another day older lalala…Must get Les Miserables out of my head! Anyways… another long day today! Everyone at work had that Monday look on their face. Like please don’t talk to me – I am sleepy. Including me. The weekend was great. Erasure concert Friday, Chocolate Fest in Long Grove, shopping and Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy Saturday, and more Chocolate Fest Sunday (although it was pretty damn cold!). All in all, a weekend to make me forget another crappy week at work.

Today. Ugh. Test batch early in the friggin’ morning with the Quizno’s chef there to watch too. The place was a mess, so embarrassing. We’re hoping the visitors were as sleepy as we were and didn’t pay too close attention. I HAVE SO MUCH WORK TO DO!!! I am convinced I will never get everything done. So discouraging. And I have my yearly review coming up…eek! But oh well, this weeks activities will help make things better. I will be extremely sleep deprived, but I l will be happy. That’s what matters anyways right?

I just realized…Mexico next month! Woot-woot!