I don’t know what’s come over me lately.

I just want to get out of here. Be somewhere else, do something else. I feel like I’ve been holding my breath for so long and now I’m ready to exhale.

Maybe it’s because everyone around me seems to be going through important “life” changes and I want in.
Maybe it’s because I am less than liking my job and I’m wondering what if…
Maybe I’m just bored and need drama.
Maybe it’s that spring feeling and how, for me, that implies change.

I don’t know…Just been feeling restless lately, ya know? I’m waiting for that next big thing to happen but there is nothing on the horizon. Actually what’s sorta propelled everything was an interesting conversation I had with this sociologist Kris Cohen, who is working with Surry University. He contacted me through Flickr to discuss photography and the web. Very interesting guy and well spoken, although with parents yelling at each other in Tagalog and the movie “Ray” playing loudly next to me, I was easily distracted and probably sounded like a moron. I later read the breadth of his research more in depth and had a real doh! moment when I realized he wasn’t just some Joe Schmoe off the street. Ugh! Should have put on my intelligent hat. He’s got an interesting project going and asked thoughtful questions about my pics. He’s lived in Chicago as well so he was really familiar with my photos taken around town which pleasantly surprised me.

Although our conversation was probably a fleeting thing for him, for some reason I was left with this urge to do SOMETHING with my life. I mean he’s got one of the coolest occupations – he gets to interview people all the time and discuss social changes. Hmm that didn’t look to interesting once I wrote it. But because of where I grew up and the people I work with the discussion of social patterns truly intrigues me. I just feel like this is another incident lately that has awaken old aspirations that were long forgotten. I’ve got some serious thinking to do.