Woke up this morning to April showers in Chicago.

I actually love waking up to rain. I don’t mind the bit of cloudiness and hearing the soft tapping on the roof actually soothes me. The only way to make the day better would be to stay in my jammies, curl up in bed and stay in to watch Oprah. A girl can dream, but a she also has to earn a living and so off to work she must go.

Something out of the ordinary today. Went to a wake of an older friend who battled cancer. The only other wake I’ve been to was about 2 months ago and these couldn’t be any more different. In the first wake, the funeral home was packed with mexican jehovah’s witnesses, making for a hot room and a very confusing ceremony since I couldn’t understand a thing. The visitors filed semi-orderly in line fashion, greeting the family then making their way to the casket. All very solemn and serious. The wake today was very laid back, people in groups laughing and reminiscing with casual visits to the casket. Different but not bad.

Morbid subject for a first post? I don’t like to think so. To me, in both instances, I walked away with my eyes opened a bit wider to the endless possibilities of tomorrow and to keep yourself open to the ones you care about. Sometimes it’s hard for me to keep that stuff in mind but at times like these I have my rare moments of clarity.